Thursday, 25 November 2010

This post technically is fraud

Those of you who follow me religiously on twitter may will know that I spend an awful amount of time effort on my blogging. In fact, this has been the source of some discomfort. Those of you following me on twitter will also know that a recent effort of mine wasn't quite worth the effort. Namely my many, long hours off hard typing was written off.
Probably the best blog ever to be written by me,  I'll have a go at paraphrasing it;
I saw Deathrap. It was absolutely fantastic. Any one in the world should go and see it themselves. I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. I then went on to saying in specific and varied detail why it was brilliant (One hour's worth, in fact). The thing is, I don't have enough time to spend on this blog. In other words: EFFORT.

I also said something similar to this:

Another, rather less predictable concert/outing which I've recently been to was to see my dad sing backing vocals for a Neil Young tribute act.
Groan? oddly, the answer is no.
Yes I was yawning and listening to songs which I wouldn't ever do under normal circumstances, but it simply worked.
If any of you disagree with me, give pay him a visit yourself. My dad will be repeating his experience soon- along with other bands, just to balance the mood out- and YOU should go.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Due to popular demand

I'd like to begin this post with an apology. I do feel that the word 'daily' has been used to misguide my audience, a tad.
Hey ho, hey ho. 
So. Jamie, although not particularly manly, does occasionally visit the odd party. Some such  parties can be described as 'awful', meaning that he simply had to 'drink loads'.  
Some of you may be oblivious to this fact, but drinking can cause a lack memory. This loss is the explanation for today's photo. When I asked my brother why he had a sign saying 'Thank you for calling. Please call again' under his desk, the most clear response was ' dunno, drunk?'. 
Of course, I wouldn't like to give you any false pretensions regarding him, as he usually opts to drinking earl grey tea, rather than Guinness. 
If there are any wonders as to why he has a broken section of  guitar to accompany the sign, his friend took the guitar to the party. The possibly un-planned result was Jamie having the idea of using the guitar as a door handle. Something which as of yet hasn't been carried out.

This hasn't been my only blog-able experience throughout the weeks, I've simply been scared of losing my fans. Fans who, by the way, I do have. 
After posting my last two accounts of the daily ramble, I was delighted to be '@'ed (work it out for yourself) by ''. I wouldn't suggest you click on my accidental hyper-link, unless you enjoy organising to meet people who you most certainly won't.
Still, at least one highly in-ethical person over the internet is aware of my workings.

P.S I'm now a cockney, in my drama class.

Sunday, 31 October 2010



Well, That Went Remarkably Well

As oppose to my suggesting that Greg Davis would 'Rip the piss out of me', the night went fantastically well.
There really wasn't anything for me to complain about, which I didn't expect to be saying as we left roughly ten minutes later than expected. This was, of course, my fault; I had been spending too long on my previous blog. So, dabs of panic already appearing, we set off, only to find that we would have to be diverted, putting another fifteen minutes onto our journey. Oddly, this couldn't have worked out better for us. After sitting in our seats which provided us with a perfect view for a matter of seconds, the incredibly well grown man proceeded to the stage. This entrance was followed with a show which I am afraid to admit gave me 'the giggles'.I would highly recommend the show for anyway who has a soul. Unfortunately , He didn't pick on me for being a drama student, but opted to tell us about some of his more ludicrous pupils. My disappointment for not being picked on, however, was more than made up for when I noticed a large head above the crowd in the bar. Grabbing a pen and one of his posters, I began to move forward. I was reminded of the time that I met Rhod Gilbert, and my mum managed to get on better with him than I did. Worry started filling my head. This doubt, of course, escaped my head as soon as we started talking. I would have to say that he is the nicest famous man I have ever met, and he probably will be for quite some time. A few photos of me looking small in comparison with him and a poster on which he signed 'cheers Andrew/ Greg' between his nipples later, I became a happy and optimistic child who couldn't stop smiling.
I may have to clarify for a few of you that he was topless in the photo, something which we had a conversation about;
A- "What possesed you to have the photo taken naked?"
G- "You know what? Basically, I was in a photoshoot for about three hours and nothing vaguely funny had happened so I literally just said 'Shall I take my top of?' 'Okay... How about this hat?' That was it!
So the night was undoubtedly a success. Today, I'm off to see my friend Tom, a boy whose manners are impeccable. There may be a few updates later, but for now that's it, bye.

P.S Anyone who sees Greg as a direct result of this blog, watch out for his encore, it is incredible.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Jamie's misfortune gave me an excuse to ramble

Jamie, a formidable yet enjoyable force of a brother, has had a typical outburst of cold/snot. A random and  not particularly serious suggestion came to me; the Greek theory of clearing sinuses has been proved and tested. So, bowl full of hot water at the ready Jamie begins to burn his nose. Four tissues full of something which we don't need to name later, Jamie needed another way to amuse himself. Typical craze back in his eyes, an outburst of "Let's make a bowl full of tea, eh?" puts me in an interesting position; shall I play along, or have him clear his sinuses into my hair? I don't particularly fancy the latter. "Go on, then!"
As a regrettably vain teenager, I was merely thinking about how many 'Likes' I would have on facebook. Ah, the arrogance of youth. Still, you can't argue against it being a good anecdote. By anecdote, of course, I now interpret that word as 'blog'. If this does go well, I will probably be spending my most of my free time wondering 'Will this work as a blog?'
The bowl full of tea ended up as a quite remarkable win in the world of anecdotes- straws are recommended, tea bags are useful to play with. The downside of these pieces of equipment is that the more immature audience may laugh at my 'game of tea-bagging', and plastic is liable  to melt when exposed to high temperature.
As much as I would love to carry on, my blog has to be cut short today as I am off to Cambridge to see Greg Davis. This experience may leave me with an excuse for further blogging, depending on whether or not the former Drama teacher asks "Are there any drama students in?"
For now, however, I will leave you with the thought of a Comedian ripping the piss out of me.